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Geoffrey Archer

is the author of nine gripping thrillers published by Penguin-Random House. They are available in Kindle and Arrow paperback editions. 


Geoffrey Archer worked as a TV journalist for 30 years. For most of that time he was a reporter for the UK's ITV News, covering conflicts in many parts of the world - from Belfast, to Beirut and to Bosnia. In 1979 he became Defence and Diplomatic correspondent for the channel and it was his close contacts with the military that gave him the stories and background insight for his first novels. He wrote three books in his spare time while still doing the day job, then left ITV News in 1995 to write more books. He continued to travel widely to create authentic backgrounds for his stories, including to Ukraine, Indonesia and Burma.

The Books

The Sam Packer Stories

Under cover for the British Secret Intelligence Service


Fire Hawk                (Click cover image to buy)

Shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger Award

The suspense is sizzling. Geoffrey Archer has used his ITN experience in a sinuous mix of international threats that are coming to have the same chill factor as the fear that underpinned the best Cold War thrillers.‘  
Daily Telegraph

Packer is on the trail of a biological terror weapon smuggled from Iraq whose use would have terrible consequences for the world's most powerful nation.

The Lucifer Network                    (Click cover image to buy)

Topical, tense and thoroughly researched, this is a fine and sophisticated thriller...‘
Morning Star 

The murder of a gunrunner in Africa sets Packer on the trail of a racist gang plotting mass murder via social media. Mysterious activities on an Adriatic island see Packer parachuted into the sea to join a submarine raiding party. Ashore he finds a weapons lab and links to Vienna, where the gang’s ex-STASI mastermind controls his evil network.


The Burma Legacy                         (Click cover image to buy)

‘Archer cleverly exploits the notion of what is and is not forgivable...‘
The Guardian
‘A very professional thriller...‘
Publishing News

An old soldier imprisoned by the Japanese in 1942 finally identifies the man who tortured him. He wants revenge before he dies, but taking it will wreck a multi-million pound trade contract between Britain and Japan. Packer's mission is to stop him.

Naval thrillers

Sky Dancer                           (Click cover image to buy)

'A tautly written, topical thriller..‘
Manchester Evening News.

The secrets of Britain's smart warheads for its Polaris missiles are being hunted down by Russian spies. Aldermaston scientist Peter Joyce has a fight on his hands to keep the weapons safe.


Shadow Hunter                           (Click cover image to buy)

‘Wonderfully authentic. Geoffrey Archer has every reason to consider himself at least first among equals..‘
The Times

A British submarine commander suffers a mental breakdown and takes HMS Truculent to the Kola Inlet to attack the Russians. With the Cold War at its height, Commander Andrew Tinker is ordered to stop him. It's a nail-biting underwater chase to prevent nuclear war.

Eagle Trap                               (Click cover image to buy)

‘In the Alastair Maclean mould, but better written..‘
The Daily Mail

A crumbling Soviet Union lets a nuclear bomb slip into the hands of Lebanese terrorists. Their target - a British aircraft carrier and the naval base at Gibraltar. Royal Marine Peter Brodrick has a personal reason to stop them. He has tangled with the terrorists before, in a hostage rescue mission that went badly wrong.


International Thrillers


Java Spider                           (Click cover image to buy)

'His best so far. In a plot constructed with devilish cunning, the real strength lies in the character of Randall - an honest copper out of his depth with low life in high places..‘
The Daily Telegraph.

A British government minister is kidnapped on an arms trade mission to Indonesia. Live images of him being tortured are beamed on satellite TV. Special Branch officer Nick Randall and TV reporter Charlotte Cavendish hunt his captors on a remote Pacific island that is being torn apart by rebellion.

Scorpion Trail                          (Click cover image to buy)

‘Breathless fear and suspense..‘
The Daily Telegraph

Former MI5 freelance Alex Crawford, on the run for twenty years from the IRA, is called out of hiding to track down a ruthless Bosnian war criminal. 


Dark Angel                    (Click cover image to buy)

Geoffrey Archer kept me turning the pages in this chilling account of blighted lives, missed opportunities, guilt and grief.
...A fascinating account of the horrors and chaos of the UN’s disastrous military adventure in Korea in the early 1950s.’

The Guardian 

The murder of a teenage girl in 1948 sets her brother on a lifelong quest to discover who did it. His life is changed radically by his service in the Korean War. It's 30 years after that before the truth begins to emerge, a truth he faces death to uncover. 

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